Personal injury rendering by Heiland Hoff

Personal injury rendering by Heiland Hoff


If you are preparing for litigation, consider commissioning Heiland Hoff Architecture to compile spectacular court graphics to illustrate your position.  We offer the following court graphic services: 

  • Colored maps, charts, and diagrams

  • Colored illustrations and renderings

  • Colored floor plans

  • Computer-generated architectural models



 If your case involves a construction dispute, or personal injury where construction conditions may have contributed to the injury, consider retaining a forensic architect as an expert witness.  Heiland Hoff Architecture specializes in the following architectural forensic services:

  • Plan checking/Code review

  • Documentation of code violations

  • Non-destructive site visits

  • Destructive investigations

  • Investigative construction reports

  • Liability allocations

  • Architectural representation in settlement conferences

  • Expert testimony in trial

  • Repair programs and cost estimates




Heiland Hoff, our principal architect, has over twenty five years of experience as a forensic architect.



His impeccable research and report compilation skills mean that you will be well-prepared and well-represented.  If the case goes to trial, he makes an impressive expert witness.  He has stellar credentials, and he speaks with authority.  He may be just what you need to convince a jury that your position is the correct one.  (An expert witness must be impartial, and may not act as an advocate, but his testimony can bring items favorable to your position to light that your opponent’s experts may neglect to mention.) 




National Certification:

NCARB                                               No. 96878


Oregon Certification:

Architect’s License                            No. 4660


California Certification:

Architect's License                            No. C-27206

General Contractor's License          No. 716772

Continuing education includes recent certification in FEMA ACT-20 Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings, and FEMA P-154 Rapid Visual Screening of Buildigns for Potential Seismic Hazards.





Heiland Hoff was a preacher’s kid, so he began speaking and performing in public at a very early age.  In high school, he began entering public speaking competitions with the F.F.A., where he placed at state for three consecutive years.   He was also active in student government, being elected to numerous offices throughout high school.


He began his forensic career in Europe and the Middle East during the cold war, doing covert espionage operations for the NSA.  This taught him the fundamentals of research and investigation, and how to compile accurate reports.  His top secret (codeword) security clearance testified to the reliability of his observations.  Since his position required linguistic skills,  he attended the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, and went on to attend the DLI Advanced German Language School in Munich, where he graduated with honors.


He returned to the United States in 1986 to study architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, where he earned a professional degree in architecture in 1991.  Throughout his university studies, he supported himself by working on framing crews, and eventually earned his general contractor’s license. 


Due to his unique background, upon graduating from Cal Poly he was recruited by DTA, a forensic architecture firm in Mill Valley, California, and later by Kelly-Danmeier Architects, another forensic architecture firm in Marin County.  He worked as a forensic architect from 1991 until 1996, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in construction litigation cases.


He then took a break from forensics to work as a traditional architect, practicing from offices in Marin and Napa.  For the next eight years, he managed a wide range of high-profile commercial and residential projects across the United States.  Some of his better-known projectsinclude the French Laundry Restaurant, the Gamble Residence, and the Vineyard 29 Winery. 


In 2001, he moved to Southern Oregon.  At present, he is licensed to practice architecture in Oregon and California.  He has been the president and principal architect of Heiland Hoff Architecture since 2003.